Mary had a little Lamb, little did we know!

Is one of my favourite red meats and is an excellent source of protein!

I can say all lamb cuts can make great dishes, being it the shank, the neck, the shoulder or the leg. The shank and leg are great for a Sunday roast which goes down extremely well with some homemade mint sauce, whilst the neck is just perfect for a delicious stew just like what’s featured in this week’s recipe.

Slow cooking lamb is the trick for it to be nice and tender. This week’s recipe takes about 2hrs in total to be completed so make sure you accommodate time for that. However, you will have 1hr30mins of simmering so in the meantime you can do some other chores on the list.

As Jas explains in the video, this is a great recipe for freezing so once you make up your mind to go for it, make sure that you do it in a large quantity. It will still take the same time for cooking and frozen portions will make up for those ‘not-knowing-what-to-cook’ days or when time is very limited. Defrost frozen stew overnight in the fridge and make sure you thoroughly re-heat before eating. Taste and texture are not lost by doing so, which I find great!

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