The Golden Words of Chef Jas

As a man and a future husband with an eye for choosing the right wife and future mum for my children, I had to do some investment.

What do I mean by investment?

The way I see it when it comes to who is going to be the driving force of the family, that person has to be clever enough to know how to keep the whole of the family happy.

One of the main things that keeps our family moving forward is budgeting. I believe that finance is key in keeping the family happy and that is where the clever person who runs the house needs to step up the game.

When it comes to food, careful cooking planning according to your budget is fundamental. This is where the low-income families can still live well and are stay well fed. If you can manage to keep your family well fed and save some extra money weekly from not buying unnecessary food items, you can then enjoy buying your kids some extra clothes for example.

By sitting down and planning your weekly cooking in advance, buy from a good supermarket and cook according to your planning it can make a huge difference to every family.


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2 thoughts on “The Golden Words of Chef Jas

  1. Jason, I loved your steak Diane recipe. I am an American who is of Sicilian and Southern Italian by dissent. I found myself trying to figure your accent out to be Italian or Spanish and now I know you are from Malta. A professor of mine in college was from Malta as well. Is your language influenced by the romance language of Italy?


  2. Hi Steve thanks for your comment. It surely is! I live in London and most people think that I am Italian because of my strong accent so you are right in thinking so.


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