We are a Maltese family of 5 based in London who love to cook homemade recipes. Daddy is a full time chef and mummy is a full time corporate receptionist, so considering the lack of time to spend in the kitchen on a daily basis, we always look out for family food ideas that will still give us the satisfaction and the energy much needed to get through the days.
As much as we love to explore all kinds of cuisines, we have a Maltese background so Mediterranean food is one of our favourites. We like to use fresh produce as much as we can but for when time is extra limited we tend to stock our freezer with veggies, fish, meat and poultry.
During our work experiences we encounter a lot of families who struggle to prepare easy recipes for dinner so we came up with the idea of helping families with step by step food recipes. Later we developed our cooking channel robandjas where you can find recipes with chicken, fish, meat, pasta , soups and pastry. We also decided to start our food blogs where we share our thoughts and tips in making this happen.
Both of us have worked in restaurants and hotels which include some of the world renowned such as Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland and the Savoy Hotel in London.

About Jas –

Jason has been in the industry for the past 19 years which includes 5 years of culinary studies in Malta and working travels to Scotland, Australia, France, Switzerland and London. “My highlight was the opening and managing/running successfully a 36-seater restaurant in the beautiful village of Moniaive in Scotland. As a head chef I had a great opportunity to work on putting together my very own dishes, quick recipes whilst using the freshest of local ingredients. Everything was done from scratch including bread which I used to bake in a woodburning oven”.

About Rob –

I have mostly done front of house for about 15 years and gained a lot of customer service experience in food and beverage but as time went by I started to realise that I don’t want this to be progressed as my career. I then switched to a corportate receptionist as this gave me more time with my family preparing family food whilst still earning a regular income. Luckily we both managed to settle in jobs where Jas has more flexible hours and I have a non-stressful mon-fri working pattern.
Even though we’ve seen the delicate creations of master chefs throughout the years, learnt a lot and stuck around, less refined home-cooked food had always been much more inspiring. So finally after many pushes from Jas, we have come up with this venture because it’s more about real life cooking than fancy plating, something everybody comes across every single day.
Food is something Jas and I love creating and it’s proving excitement, lots of fun and entertainment whilst learning a whole lot of new stuff in the world of social media and shooting videos for our YouTube channel !
Jas and I hope you enjoy our cooking as much as we do and it would be great to hear your views on our Facebook page or in our comments section at the bottom of each recipe on our website here.
We look forward to have you all on board 🙂

Rob & Jas