The Chicken

Considered as one of the leanest choice of meat, is a favourite to many.

For some reason I am not a big fan of chicken especially the breast. I prefer its thighs or wings if I had to eat chicken. However this week’s recipe has really made it up for me as I couldn’t resist the classic Diane sauce and it went down really well.

When it comes to me cooking chicken, I get quite paranoid that germs are being spread everywhere. I’m not a germ free freak, far from it, but chicken puts me a bit on the cautious side and I do sanitize workbench for at least 3 times after prepping. If you’re like me, one thing you need to make sure of is to never wash the chicken before cooking! This can increase the risk of food poisoning because water is splashed and bacteria is spread onto everything really.

Back to the joys of this most wanted poultry, we would really love to hear about your favourite chicken dishes so drop us a line on our facebook page and let’s get it all in discussion.