The Cheeky Treat

Why oh why a beef burger needs to always fall under the junk category?

Well being pregnant for the second time, I kind of know the perks of cravings you get. For me I don’t really crave for anything in particular, it’s just when it comes to food especially dinner time, I think the right term for it is ‘I get hungry with a passion’. I want a filling dinner, I-want-it-now and please, DO NOT INTERRUPT!

Luckily Jas is very good in satisfying these cravings and for this week he couldn’t have got it any better in doing this homemade rib-eye burger.

Initially you might start to think, is he crazy or what? Would you really buy a piece of rib-eye to chop it off for a burger?!! Well honestly, if I want to indulge myself in a burger, I’d rather go for that than for a take-away one.

In this recipe Jas uses salt as a binding agent, however for the little one we only use egg yolk as we try to control his salt intake.

So, back to the first question – burger = junk?

No, please at least not today! Try this super easy rib-eye patty homemade burger and you will never see a burger from the junk lens again (trying my best here >_< )



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