We’re Back!

Pencil sharpened and ready to go!!

Ok, so we had our baby….. but that was a year ago!! Gosh that went by at a very fast pace. Our little daughter is taking after all of us, full on appetite and ready to taste the world of food (so far..)

Yes, we did take a break from writing blogs but the camera, the cooker and our tummies kept on rolling with even more homemade recipes. You can’t stop that, can you? Not when you live with an ambitious chef who takes control whenever his hands get on more than one ingredient!

Not all went to a halt because we have been uploading new video recipes on our YouTube channel as well as updating older ones. Go check them out! My favourite so far would have to be our Steak with Cracked Black Peppercorn Sauce. It is a very easy recipe and the sauce just speaks for itself.

In the meantime, nights are still long, washing basket never sees its bottom, commuting to work is not the easiest (although we started cycling now which is great), bathing kids when super tired after a long day at nursery doesn’t get any better… and the list goes on and on with this hectic life we live in.

However, we still do not cut short and go for a ready meal from the nearest local take away; and if we can do it, so can you!

Our mission remains to encourage you to cook freshly on a daily basis. Our recipes are easily followed step-by-step guide to your everyday cooking. They’re all tried and tested so no recipe will ever let you down. Your skills will improve and your love for cooking will be the one to follow.

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