I was going to say something about this in a later blog but Jas stepped on my brake pedal and suggested I mention this straight away.

It is essential in our everyday life especially when it comes to cooking. Ideally we would like the whole meal to be plated at the same time at the right temperature.

So how do we do this?

We need to give importance to what takes the most time to be cooked versus the ingredient that is cooked within minutes. This sounds quite obvious right? But how many times do we rush our cooking and throw everything at the same time ending up with a half baked potato or super soggy asparagus for example?!

Jas have always thought me to follow these simple steps whilst I prepare to start cooking:

  • If following a recipe, make sure you read the whole recipe beforehand so you’d have a good idea of the whole procedure. For example, recipes that include lentils or beans might need soaking overnight.
  • Take out all ingredients and utensils.
  • Start boiling off water and pre-heat oven, if needed.
  • Peel, chop, dice, shred, grate, beat etc the necessary ingredients
  • Clean as you go! (these are actually grandad’s sacred words)

When I cook I also make sure that I have enough time for the whole recipe and not tied up with an appointment or something. I find it easy to prepare ingredients the day before so all is set to go on the day. Basically I schedule a cooking day and stick to it.

How do you organise your timing? Let us know your thoughts!