Only for meat lovers – no offence!

This week we’re going for the well known rib-eye steak.

Jas have chosen rib-eye rather than other cuts of beef, since its fat makes it very good for fast and hot cooking.

My instant thinking used to be that that’s the kind of food you’d eat in a restaurant. Maybe it was just me having a lack of home-cooking experience or simply just didn’t have a clue where to start from. I can clearly remember myself cooking my first piece of meat when I was living in Scotland, which I never thought I could. I was looking at it as if I’m messing with a glorious piece of art (this bit will not go down very well with my dear veggie friends, sorry!) aha please laugh at me but that was the honest truth.

So here goes the million-dollar question: rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, well done or even bleu?!??! The power was all in my hands now and it was all so exciting. Yes, it’s the little things!

Then on, it was Jas who inspired me not to be scared to put my hands on another piece of meat and learn to experiment with it. It was great to realise that this can be easily cooked anytime at home.

Ok so for whoever have this cooking-meat-phobia, go get your ingredients ready as in the meantime Jas is busy cooking his piece here.


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