Trick of home-cooking

When the clock is ticking and we are running out of time, I hear it very often “I was so busy I forgot to eat!” Or “What a headache to think what am I going to cook tonight!”

We’d say planning our meals will solve most of these every day struggles. It seems like we are able to put our heart and soul in planning that occasional treat or a one-off special meal but then when it comes to planning our everyday food it feels like it is a very hard task to achieve.

I find it really helpful and cost effective when I plan for the whole week, prepare my shopping list and then as I said in a previous blog I cook mostly over the week-end. I wish this is religiously done week in week out, but of course sometimes I do get trapped in the no-time-for-this ‘excuse’ and then annoyingly find myself in a big wonder of what are our meals for the day.

Time management – is what Jas always hammers in my head. True!

I still have not mastered this bit entirely, but I’m learning that making priorities and first things first is the first step towards avoiding last minute, less healthy meals. So, once a week I make time to sit down for a few minutes and organise myself with a week-menu kind of thing and start writing my shopping list. Towards the end of the month we like to use up whatever is left in the cupboard/fridge/freezer and make recipes out of them so we won’t bulk up unnecessarily or end up with many out-dated products.

How do you plan your cooking? Or do you plan at all? Share your views with us below, we’d like to hear it from your side.



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