Life’s a Journey not a Destination

As Aerosmith beautifully sings this quote, is one of my favourites.

So is food, it’s not a matter of learning how to combine two or more ingredients together, develop a recipe, cook it, eat it and you’re done. I like to think of it as an on-going journey that takes self-belief, creativity and food passion into a world of challenges and personal growth.

So how can we make this journey an enjoyable one? Last week we talked about being confident in the kitchen is key for success.

But how is this confidence built?

Jas please tell us what the kitchen is all about first of all?

“The kitchen is about food preparation and service, whether in the professional kitchen or at home. I always do my best to explain this by comparing it to a simple electricity circuit. It needs three main components to come alive; Life, Earth and Neutral. If one of them is not connected, then we won’t have light. Same happens with the kitchen, if food is missing then you can’t cook. If preparation isn’t done, then you can’t eat and if neither food or preparation is done, you can’t service! Sounds simple, right? I will explain in more detail each of these main components in the blogs to follow.

Now confidence, throughout my tough journey in the kitchen so many lessons were learnt and so many moments were cherished and that’s why I’m here today. Confidence is built through spending time in the kitchen and do things over and over again. Never giving up and believing in your own masterpiece even when giving up is the only choice!”

Job done! Apron on, hands washed, full-on motivation and ready to chop-chop!!

Have a lovely day folks 🙂