Is this easy for us?


No is the simple and honest answer.

In fact, this food blog idea serves to help us maintain our daily home cooking and a platform for some future business. It does take up a little more time than we have available to be able to record videos and be more active on social media with a toddler that needs attention most part of the day. However, my job allows me time to cover all this writing and posting so we are taking this little advantage to make this work whilst Jas organises his videos whilst little one is having his nap.

So should everybody start blogging to get motivated and home-cook? No, of course not!

Our aspiration is to inspire you to get your hands more on those kitchen utensils of yours and your belly close to that kitchen worktop and hobs. As much as we find it challenging to do, we want to assure you that it still is doable and results are very rewarding.

Food basically tops the agenda in our everyday life, at least in my little (big) world of pregnancy. Making sure that little C and I are fed well is a task on its own and it is not as easy as I would prefer it to be. I’m lucky that Jas is a chef and can sort himself and us out, however relying on this is not fair so I try my very best to come up with some dishes as well. As I said in a previous blog, it does get easier when planning food ahead for the week and do the shopping accordingly. I find it less stressful and much more achievable.

How difficult do you find it to plan your everyday cooking? Do you normally give up and go for the ready-made? Any food bloggers are very welcome to share their views. Leave your comments below, we would love to hear them!