Where did all this food passion come from?

“Well, I have been brought up in a tile laying family business so that is definitely not where it all began!

I remember I used to work as a waiter at this restaurant in Mellieha, Malta. It is a very popular tourist destination so working hours were very good at the time and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After several years of doing different types of jobs, being part of a kitchen team was what I was really looking for. So I then decided to join the one and only culinary school in Malta at an older age than the rest of my school mates. I had covered 20 different subjects including Kitchen, Pastry, Restaurant, Marketing and Budgeting.

I wanted to take it further so I carried on studying until I achieved my City & Guilds qualifications and was awarded a Higher Diploma in Food and Preparation Service. This was a cold short dark day in the middle of November in 2001 when we had the inauguration of achievements presented to us by then MP of Education, Louis Galea. My diploma meant everything to me, I had to strive through so many challenges being an elder student and finally my works had paid off.

I then spent a year working experience as an apprentice in England. The excitement and build-up of adrenaline that the kitchen gave me was something to look forward to in each and every shift so I never looked back and carried on wanting to expand my experience by doing more work travels around the globe.” Jas

On the other hand, myself, I had home-economics as a chosen subject in my secondary school. I always loved mixing up ingredients together and do sweet recipes for my mum and dad. I never took it further though but had always worked in restaurants and hotels so food had always played a major role in my everyday life. Then I met Jas and here we are now combining these two flavours together to create one appetising dish!

That is our story in a few words, however, remaining on the main concept of home-cooking you don’t need to have achieved anything to be able to put together a decent family meal. At the end of the day we all get hungry, run out of cooking ideas and do recipe disasters. This is why we’re here to support these challenges as we face them along with you every single day! Rob


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