Fresh start or is it?

After a brief break from recording videos and writing that little weekly blog, we are back .. HOORAY!

We really hope you had a great time over festivities and indulged yourselves with as much tasty foods as possible.

We certainly did!

So what’s new, what’s old and what’s next?

My bump feels like it had tripled the size of what I left it with a couple weeks ago, Jas seems like he still can’t get enough of his Christmas pudding and little C’s chit chatting skills are increasingly developing at a very fast rate! We are now left with one countdown away as the ‘big-baba-day’ is fast approaching so we are truly back in all force to come up with more video recipes as we await for the final crescendo.

A new year – a new start, but is it really? I almost ask myself, why do we have to wait for this particular time to start something fresh? Is it the greatest excuse to make it happen? Personally I love the New Year as it really does feel like a fresh start however resolutions were never something I’d talk about. I’d rather work them out and keep upfront with possibilities and new ventures throughout the year than linger on and on and on until THAT day arrives to get me motivated.

So, whilst we welcome 2017 with open arms – whether for you it is a fresh start or just another year – we want to wish you success in what you’re driving for and of course the best of health to never give up!

Please share our work so we can keep this going with all of your support, thank you x