Is food a lifestyle?

Do you really believe the saying you are what you eat? Or is it you eat what you are? So does it start with our personality and lifestyle or with our food intake which then shapes our lifestyle? It’s a bit of who comes first, the egg or the chicken..

Well I believe that we are the sole choice makers of both who we are and what we eat. Lifestyle plays a very important role in our lives which leads us to what we eat and what we feed our family.

My teenage and 20’s were full of fun, booze, cigarettes and everything else that go with that including crazy restaurant working hours. I mean, those days it was all I ever wanted but for sure that kind of lifestyle didn’t leave much room for being health conscious and planning the daily nutrition intake, what was that again?! Late 20’s I have packed my luggage and bought my one-way-ticket to Scotland and this is where it all started to make sense. Living up in the breath taking highlands, luckily it was a natural gradual shift to waving goodbye to this crazy lifestyle to one that all it took was being more aware of my body and mental needs. This involved quitting cigarettes and getting myself into that fitness gear regularly. Won’t go much into this because it will turn into an auto-biography and we’ll be here till tomorrow 🙂

Anyways, what I mean here is that I strongly believe that it starts from choosing a lifestyle that will lead us to actually wanting to eat proper food and the best way we found to do this is to home-cook our own dishes. No need for extravaganza, just simple daily nutritious food.

It does then become a lifestyle because what we eat will make an impact on how we feel and of course, we want to feel good most of the time at least.

What do you think? Let us know!



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