Stay at home -vs- Working parent

Ok, I don’t want to deviate from the food subject but this statement is really out there and I would like to bring it into the blog for discussion.

I have not much of a personal opinion about this since it all depends on everybody’s different life circumstances and I stand by all of that. Personally, I had taken a year off work to stay with little one which was an absolutely overwhelming life experience. Returning to work did help me to get a good work/family balance and do not feel guilty for having to make use of a nursery to ‘take care’ of my child and that’s also the plan for child no 2.

We all know that staying at home is not an easy job at all but having a career or simply work full-time to cover all bills is not any easier!

What made you decide to stay at home?  If you work, how do you manage your time with family/housework/kids and time for yourself, if any?

Open for an interesting discussion? Leave your comments below.