Confidence in the Kitchen

One major thing that puts people off from being more active in the kitchen, is confidence.

Jas shares this little feedback which I’m sure lots of us can relate to:

“I have been working in the kitchen for the past 18 years now and as much as many mistakes were done, big lessons were learnt throughout the whole process. One lesson has stood out and I now believe that confidence in the kitchen is key.

In the past I passed through moments where I’m sitting on the sofa watching some cooking programs or watching food pictures and I will be astonished in what other chefs and cooks can do whilst my self-belief and confidence will start to go down, but then I return to the kitchen for work and everything will be ok, I feel home again.

So my advice to you, whether you’re looking to be a professional chef or just an amateur, will be to not let these moments fool you and play games with your mind.  Whilst you are in the kitchen you will do more than what you will see.

I will share some step by step tricks of the kitchen in the blogs to follow.” 

Thanks for that Jas, we look forward to know more and be more confident when putting our aprons on and start preparing that yummy dish..