Happiness is homemade

I saw this clock at a local coffee shop and it immediately struck my eyes, of course whatever’s homemade does!

Then I go without hesitation and say that home is where the heart is.

One of the things that really makes our tiny flat a home is the actual gathering around the table and eat a good home-cooked plate of food. For this reason we spend a lot of time in the kitchen and this was inherited from our families. Whether it was for a cuppa, a sandwich, lunch or dinner; everyone ended up in the kitchen. We love it and still do it with our own family.

So how can we make our kitchen as hospitable as we can?

Jas remembers at around 3-4pm, just after his dad returns from work and siblings return from school, mum would make tea and bake cakes like apple pies or the maltese traditional qaghaq ta l-ghasel (honey rings) and he recalls these moments as special ones. Everybody brings his own day to the table, chatting about what happened and what’s next, it’s amazing! His family still carries on the tradition and Jas misses this dearly.

Now having a family of our own it is great to share that simple little cuppa together, at least we try our best to find that time, because we know that our children will come one day, open the fridge and ask for that beautiful tea and get ready for a catch up.

We truly believe that the more hands on we are in the kitchen, the more we can learn and create beautiful family moments together.

How do you make family time worthwhile? Send us your own on our facebook page. We’d love you to share beautiful family moments with us 🙂