The feeling of cooking

A quick throw back to 2012 in Moniaive, Scotland. The days when Jas ran a restaurant and I ran the house kitchen 😉 This photo brings back so many good memories and it goes without saying that yes, I do love cooking!

Jas asks this amazing question to himself: What’s nice about being in the kitchen?

It’s hot, washing dishes (yes we still wash our dishes, no dishwasher intended to make an appearance in our kitchen), getting burnt, maybe cutting your fingers and the list goes on and on…

Ok so forget all about that and let’s focus on the beauty and satisfaction that it brings. It brings a sense of relaxation, family unity, learning and excitement in trying new things. For us, all of these overcome the hard bits and make us keep wanting to produce more.

It is not the easiest task in the world when time is restricted but we do give home cooking a priority. We love to plan in advance, turn some music on, sometimes a good glass of wine and start preparing dinner for everybody to enjoy. This can be the simplest dish on earth, still one can enjoy the making of it and bring a happy feeling to the table.

From another point of view, the fair truth is that cooking can become a boring routine that we HAVE to do every day. I see it happening out there, at times it becomes so dull that one just turns away and either head straight to the nearest take away or simply skip meals. Not justifiable at all!

We wish to encourage taking control of our eating habits and routines. When we’re in control and choose that what we feed ourselves becomes a priority, then this makes it so much easier to know what to cook on an everyday basis. The dull feeling disappears and is replaced by eagerness to eat what my adventurous little hands have prepared for me. Yum!