Dinner’s ready – Service please!

This is what you hear all the time if you’re in a busy professional kitchen, plus the rumbling noise of the ticket machine creating a lovely long decorative thread of tickets ready to be shouted for – SERVICE PLEASE!

At home, we won’t get any of that luckily.

We encounter some sort of service every day, from our daily super market shopping through to our dining table. When it comes to service in our house, to facilitate our day to day cooking experience, we find it important to know what utensils, at least as basics do we need to be able to enjoy our meal properly. These will include all condiments that we love to have always available, such as our seasonings and sauces.

So basically to finish off discussing about the 3 basic kitchen foundations – Food, Preparation and Service – we can conclude by saying that if we get this recipe right, our cooking and dining experience at home becomes much more easier to the point that take away food will be seen as an outdated option!

Tried and tested and guess what?

It works!!