Carbo what?

You have probably guessed it.

It’s pasta time and we’re starting off with a delicious and easy-peasy Penne Carbonara.

This pasta dish was an easy assumption of what we will get on our plates until we came to the UK. Apparently here they know it differently and was a bit of a battle for which is the proper one.

Although our preference would go towards the Italian one, for this recipe Jas has decided to go with the British one. Basically the Italian recipe has less ingredients but to my opinion has more flavour. Its pancetta and the strong flavoured pecorino cheese is what makes it particular whilst the egg yolks give an added texture to the whole dish.

But for today let’s go British!

Do you know it any differently? Do you make yours with any other twist? Leave your comments down below so we can see how many versions we can come up with 🙂



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